May 26, 2010

2 great instrumental PARTY ANTHEM!!!

These great instrumental tracks put me in a celebration mood...which is totally the mood I'm in this week with the BEATBOX night starting again @ BELMONT on Friday, so here you go!!! :-P
Pump up the volume!!!

SHOUT OUT OUT OUT OUT. Chicken soup for the fuck you

CHICKEN SOUP for the FUCK YOU from Vuk Dragojevic on Vimeo.

METRONOMY. You could easily have me

May 19, 2010

UNKLE's new album: 8.5/10!!!

Always been a great band, but I love the new direction they are taking!
And this is my favorite song from "Where did the night fall". 
Best album of 2010 so far for me. 
A must for your ears!

UNKLE. On a wire featuring Elle J.


KELE, the lead singer of famous indie-pop BLOC PARTY, is now all muscled-up and coming out with his solo album on June 21st! Two songs have been leaked online already and it sounds like the man is taking a more electro approach...great work so far!!!

Montreal: catch KELE LIVE at OSHEAGA this summer on July 31st. Same day as METRIC and ARCADE FIRE! OH YEAH!!!! I'm there for sure. 

KELE. Tenderoni

OÙ EST LE SWIMMING POOL. Dance the way I feel

This new little hipster trio from London will be launching their first album on June 30th. Fans of MGMT's classic electro-pop ( "Kids", "Time to pretend" ) will probably love this first single which was released last September. I know I do!
A second track called "These new knights" just came out in April...unfortunately it doesn't come close to the hook, freshness and energy of "Dance the way I feel". 
.....One hit wonders? 
We will find out soon enough when their first album comes out next month!

OÙ EST LE SWIMMING POOL. "Dance the way I feel"

SOHO DOLLS. Trash the rental ( Crystal Castles remix )

No, it's not a new remix by Crystal Castles, it actually came out in 2008 ( I think ). 
But as all of their music sounds always exactly the same...does it matter really? LOL.

Great track nonetheless. To be heard on the BEATBOX dancefloor next week.
Can't wait!!!

SOHO DOLLS. Trash the rental ( Crystal Castles remix )

May 10, 2010

ASCII DISKO's new album: "Stay gold, forever gold"

I use to get a huge kick out of Ascii disko's German-influenced techno rock! And of course, that's why he was selected by us to be one of the great remixers featured on our album "Remix sessions".
Yet, the past 2 years he's been taken a more "minimalistic, softer and repetitive" approach, which got a lot of the fans I know pretty disappointed. On the new album, he's back to something harder and driven....yet, still more repetitive than his early work. I'd say, it's ok. But will not be featured in my DJ sets.
The whole album is instrumental except for the last track ( mellow and moody )...not bad, but nothing great in comparison to his earlier work.

This first video release is pretty moody and nice though!
Very Ascii disko.

ASCII DISKO. Jawbreaker

MATT & KIM "Lessons learned" video: OUCH!

Fun song and even funnier video! I like, I like!!!

MATT & KIM. Lessons learned