March 31, 2010

THE ETTES: Not new...but oh so cool!!!

Psychedelic garage rock with a girlie vocal twist!!! Need I say more?!
It rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic band for sexy rockers. Look them up and get hooked!

THE ETTES "I get mine"

THE ETTES "Marathon ( Live )"

March 24, 2010

MAJOR LAZER "Pon de floor"

I'm not into this type of music usually ( "electro-reggeaton" anyone?! ) but this track is definetly one of the rare exceptions. And the video is just soooo crazy!!!!!! I think it will definetly get you smiling...or bouncing naked with a neon on your head!

MAJOR LAZER "Pon de floor"

March 23, 2010

CARIBOU "Odessa"

Canadian "CARIBOU" is back with "Odessa"...his organic electro groove and laid-back vocals tell me that the man is a fan of "HOT CHIP". Nice one!
- Download the song "Odessa" here:
- New album "Swim" out on April 20th!!!
- Montreal show = May 5th @ LA TULIPE

CARIBOU "Odessa"

March 22, 2010


A song from one of my TOP10 favorite albums of all time was played live for SPIN recently.
Originally sung as a duet with PJ HARVEY, "Eyepennies" is so sad and pretty; I can never get tired of it. If you are not familiar with SPARKLEHORSE, this is a good introduction to his melancholic melodies and black hearted hooks. Enjoy!!!

SPARKLEHORSE "Eyepennies - Live"

March 18, 2010

SIGUR ROS's frontman solo album!

JONSI ( from Sigur Ros ) is coming out with a solo album titled "GO" on April 5th...
A very melodic and beautiful chaos! Unique.
Montreal = live @ Metropolis on May 2nd.

JONSI "Go do"

Jónsi - Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.

JONSI "Boy lilikoy"

March 09, 2010


Fans of "old-school early 80s dark wave" might just faint right now...and those not that familiar with this genre or thrilled by the more obscur side of music will probably enjoy it too!
Nice driven beat, hysterical synths and raw vocals in the style of Faris Badwan, frontman for "The Horrors"! Turn it up real loud and scare your boring neighbors now!!! Haha.


March 07, 2010

GROOVE ARMADA making their best music to date!

Groove Armada is a name I've heard often, but usually didn't really gave them much of a listen 'cause everytime it was like this: "ah...this is good....aaah no, cheesy electro pop...ok now we get the rap that ruins the song I thought was great so far".
Maybe now I would go back to their older songs and would discover some hidden treasures I walked over back then?...and maybe not.
All I can tell you this week is that their new album "Black light" ( out now ) is definetly worth listening too. I hear influences like New Order, Grace Jones & MGMT...very nice for electro pop!
Here is the first single "Paper romance" and one of my favorite tracks on the album "Look me in the eyes sister".

GROOVE ARMADA "Paper romance"

GROOVE ARMADA "Look me in the eyes sister"