August 10, 2012

BAT FOR LASHES intimate return...

It's good. Not sure I like this as much as most songs on her last masterpiece "two suns"...but it's still a great song, gentle and sweet in its melancholia.

CAT POWER morphs herself into a beautiful Cherokee!

Wow. Loving this song and its production. The moody remix is perfect too. Can't wait for the full album "Sun"...Sept. 3rd.

August 09, 2012

BRUIT FANTOME takes you on an electronic trip!

THE SHOES: time to put your dancing shoes on!


WILD NOTHING's new album on its way...

NOCTURNE's release date August 28th
01. Shadow
02. Midnight Song
03. Nocturne
04. Through the Glass
05. Only Heather
06. This Chain Won’t Break
07. Disappear Always
08. Paradise
09. Counting Days
10. The Blue Dress
11. Rheya


June 27, 2012

METRIC speeds the collapse

Their new album is far from being their best; although half of it is great, some of it is way too "nice" for me. But here is my personal favorite taken from "Synthetica"; an excellent track in all aspects (let's say I'm happy this video displays the lyrics too...).

BEACH HOUSE's album of the year. So far & by far.

Sorry everyone...when I get busy with my own music, my blog is often on hold during that time. I haven't been the best of blogger these past few weeks.
But I just want to make sure all of you have listened to BEACH HOUSE full new album, "bloom". It is, by far, the best album of 2012.
Now, turn the volume up and/or put your headphones on...and close your eyes; no video can give this incredible music justice.

Beach House - Wishes from Mark Lager on Vimeo.

May 26, 2012

ST. VINCENT Beautiful dissonance

Nothing sounds quite like it, which is a rare thing these days. Somewhere between your prettiest dream and your scariest nightmare, ST. VINCENT's 3rd album "Strange Mercy" is the perfect follow-up to "Actor", her excellent release of 2009.
The sound is a little harder, the production always flawless and impressive.
Every track is like a new city to discover in St. Vincent distorted world...

May 23, 2012

BEACH HOUSE at my rescue...

This song is just pure beauty. Escaping is easy...
On a loop starting now, my song of the month! Definetly.

Oh and excellent new album of course. One of my favorite bands actually.

May 14, 2012

Remembering the early days of SPLEEN UNITED

Today, I got excited when I found out that Spleen United had released a third album in early 2012...until I heard it!
Many electro-based bands have become too "clubby" and drained of mood and textures as the "hard-electro over-compressed syncopaded" sound took over a few years ago (which really just gives me a headache). Spleen United is a good example of that commercial electro trend; it's no big surprise as their 2nd album was already taking a big step in that direction. Yet, that one was still enjoyable in parts.
Now, what a heard today was...

Ok, let's remember the good stuff instead! The whole first album of this Danish band is excellent from beginning to end; a classic unique electro-rock sound that stands the test of time; as strong as Gary Numan and Ladytron's best work in my point of view.
Here is "Come on figures" taken from "Godspeed into the mainstream (2006)"...a must in every indie-electro lover's library.

May 08, 2012

EMA somewhere between heaven and hell

I hear Sonic Youth, I hear PJ Harvey, I hear Patti Smith; I hear rock n'roll greatness!!!!!
Woo-oooooooh! Let Ema hit you hard my friend.
Excellent album "Past life Martyred Saints" and other EPs available on Itunes.

May 07, 2012

WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY. Classic Indie Melancholia

One of my all-time favorite song for those lonely & lovely warm summer nights...
This 8:10 minutes beauty is taken from their 2004 release "We fight till death", my favorite album from them.
Great band!

May 03, 2012

LYKKE who? Yes, her again!

No, this is not just a blog about Florence & The Machine and Lykke Li exclusively...although it might look like it at times. But productive hyper talented ladies do get my attention, what can I say!!! lol
Here is a new song from Miss Li taken from a cool underground electro compilation titled "INGRID, Vol. 1", which is available on itunes. The kind of "various artists" collection that reminds me of my "Overdose" days; my first big DJ night in 2001.
Could electroclash influences be back in music already?...

Well, it has been 10 years, I guess it could! Wow, time flies.

May 02, 2012

FLORENCE breathes the life out of the evil queen!

As much as I prefer my Florence acoustic, intimate and more textured...I always get excited when she releases something new. This big dramatic song is the first single taken out of the "Snow White And The Huntsman" movie soundtrack! Typical Florence; great songwriting and huge sound, even a bit too huge at times. I think less drums and more harp, piano & guitar would have highlighted the impressive vocals and choir arrangements better. That said, great song for this soundtrack. Enjoyed it.

Oh...while I'm at it! Following this new release you'll find an incredible live rendition of "no light, no light". That's what I mean by naked and acoustic; her voice at its best. Fantastic build up with the choir again and that last note with the strings at the end is just out of this world!

April 30, 2012

Eargasmic discovery: BOMB THE BASS remixed by GUI BORATTO

When Gui Boratto delivers a good remix (most of the times), it is sooo incredible in mood and production that I simply forget the original version.
And when you add to that the rough yet sultry and sensitive vocals of mister Mark Lanegan (the best voice really!), you know right away that this will be playing in your ears for the next few months!
Instant Frigid love right here...

April 28, 2012


Soooooooo good!!!!! :-P


Not much time these days sorry. But look into this excellent band when you have a chance! Loving the remix too. The excellent album "I love you, it's cool" is out already...

April 22, 2012

Mon projet FRIGID maintenant JOFFREY DUMAS...

For those of you living outside Canada...Quebec's students have been on strike over the raise of tuitions for almost 10 weeks now. It has inspired new lyrics in french that have replaced what I had originally written for my new song "Eye-Catcher". I might release the english version as well...who knows. But right now, here is "CRI D'UN COEUR TERRIEN" on this earth day.

Message à mes amis Québécois!
Pour ou contre la hausse des frais de scolarité, il est inacceptable que notre gouvernement impose la violence sur nos étudiants et professeurs de la sorte; ces derniers agissants en grande majorité de façon pacifique lors de leurs manifestations!
Il faut dénoncer cette dictature, le gouvernement n'est clairement plus au service du peuple Québecois, ni Canadien.
J'ai retravaillé une chanson en français (originalement composée en anglais) dû les évènements des derniers vous invite à la partager sur les médias sociaux.

April 12, 2012

CROCODILES are about to rock your summer

Very indie cool Crocodiles are back! A little more polished this time it seems after listening to the new album "infomercial" and first single "Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)". They've been compared to cult classic bands Jesus & The Mary Chains, Suicide and The Raveonettes!!!
Yes, they are pretty awesome. Definetly, the type of band I'd love to open for!

Personally, I would have went for a less campy approach then the not-so-funny "infomercial" to promote the upcoming album considering their dark fuzzy underground style. Still, I'm definetly intrigued by the upcoming song titles!
"Endless Flowers" out on June 4th.

One of my favorite song taken from previous release "Sleep Forever"...

April 10, 2012

A talented YOUNG MAN's fate

Colin Caulfield's haunting vocals slide over his rythmic guitar before taking us down for a dramatic ending in new intricate song "Fate". His Chicago-based one man project is called Young Man.
With already 3 EPs out on Itunes and this brand new exciting single, many are expecting a great first full-lenght for Young Man on May 22nd. The awaited release will be titled VOL.1.
Some similar excellent acts to look into: Beach House, Patrick Wolf, Wild Nothing and Lower Dens.    

April 09, 2012

MAGIC WANDS are burning up for Madonna

While Madonna is busy copying herself and her wannabes, Magic Wands delivers an excellent version of "Burning up"...and its a free download too. Burn it up!

April 03, 2012

New LADYHAWKE rrrocks!

Thanks to my good friend, I've been listening to Ladyhawke's upcoming album "Anxiety" for a week already. Being a sucker for her self-titled debut, I was anticipating her upcoming release until I heard the first single "Black, white & blue" which came out a few weeks ago. Let's say it is far from being one of my favorite song of hers (that is why it took me sooo long to share it with you here). It's not bad at all but I find it kind of "light". I also think that the video doesn't help the, I'll let you look for it. lol
Now, I am happily surprised with the rest of the album! Wish I could already post much hotter & grittier numbers like "The quick & the dead", "Gone, gone, gone", "Sunday drive", "Cellophane", "Anxiety" and "Vaccine" on here!!! :-P
The record surfs on a happy & fun summer rock vibe. It is the perfect addition to your Joan Jett vs Bowie vs Garbage vs The Kills playlist. That's very good!!! Yeah!
My only critic would be that the overuse of distortion and catchy hooks can make the album a bit saturated when you listen it from beginning to end. But really, nowadays, who cares about that!
Out on May 25th.

Oh good, you'll see exactly what I mean...just found these two "album teasers" which features some excellent tracks...

Now with that in mind, you will probably enjoy the song "Black, white & blue" much more than I did when I first heard it. ;)

April 02, 2012

My beautiful SINEAD is still bold like a lion!

One of the most beautiful voice I've heard in my life is back! Sinead O'Connor just released her critically acclaimed 9th album "How about I be me (and you be you)?" in late February 2012.
Not only the woman can still sing her heart out, she speaks her mind through her songs like rare artists do these days.
Although the album sounds in parts a bit too "adult contemporary" for me to scream "genius!!!", it contains some excellent reminders of why I fell in love with Sinead in the first place; "Reason with me" is stunning in a soft-spoken, sensitive and touching way while her John Grant's cover of "Queen of Danemark" is strong, bold and enraged. "Take off your shoes" features Sinead's full emotionnal range and brilliance while the excellent closing number, "V.I.P.", is a blunt critic of our fame-hungry society and it's superficial values.
Oh...and after listening to the album a few times, I'm really enjoying "Back where you belong" for its modern Patsy Cline quality. Beautiful song and definetly one of my new favorites as well.

Now for all of you still unfamiliar with her earlier repertoire, make sure to look into her first 4 albums as well as her collaboration with Massive Attack on their album "100th window". Classics!

"Wasn't it in history 
The artists always spoke their people's needs 
Now we're gorged upon what devils feed 
In the shallow form of MTV 
Telling the youth to worship futile dreams 
And along for bling and for material things..."
Taken from the song "V.I.P."

March 27, 2012

New SIGUR ROS on the way

Frontman's Jónsi Birgisson falsetto vocal style, atmospheric elements of classical music, an unknown mysterious language; Sigur Ros have been creating "out of this world" ethereal music for over a decade already. Their repertoire shows evidence that dramatic music ain't always loud and heavy.
The band is describing their upcoming electronic based full-lenght "Valtari" as the sound of "an avalanche in slow motion" (out on May 28th). For now, we get an atmospheric number with a "black & white 1930's" quality to it; pure mind-blowing beauty as always!
So many interesting artists releasing a new album in May! Start preparing your budget consequently my friends...

March 26, 2012

MOUNT EERIE's monastic & haunting new sound

Washington-based Mount Eerie will be releasing not one but two albums this year. The first, Clear Moon, presents songs about “a quiet life in and around a small northwest town, usually buried in fog, and the unexpected moments of clarity that briefly flash through.” Full album out on May 22nd on his label P.W. Elverum.
The second will come out later this year and has been already titled "Ocean's Roar". Both recorded in an old church recently turned into his homestudio.
It's all very inspiring!...mostly after listening to the excellent "House shape" in a loop this morning.

March 25, 2012

DOT ALLISON's great album remembered

Not many people I know own a copy of Dot's excellent album "We are science" which came out in 2002 (10 years ago already!). Yet, it remains a classic in my electro/indie library. Some tracks like "Strung out" still sound incredible and totally relevant today...look her up if you missed her back then!
Dot Allison - Strung Out on MUZU.TV.

March 21, 2012

March 20, 2012

LOWER DENS delivers an instant classic

Something reminds me slightly of the band "Beach House" here, although "Lower Dens" are clearly under no identity crisis! It must be the atmospheric music and the androgynous sounding (and looking!) frontwoman. That said, the music is way too fantastic to be the pale copy of anything. It stands on its own. I must admit I have only heard this new song "Brains" so far...but oh, it's good!!! Had to share it right away, but I'll definetly look them up and keep an eye open for the upcoming album...
Nootropics will be the second album from Lower Dens and it is produced by Drew Brown [whose engineering credits include Radiohead, Sandro Perri, Beck, and Blonde Redhead] and completed in Baltimore, MD. Release date: May 1st.
For now, listen, watch and surrender! 

Oh...and if you are fast enough, this great song is offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD HERE! :)

March 19, 2012

New HOT CHIP is a trip

By now, "Hot Chip" could have turned into some random "easy listening electro-indie-pop" band easily. Lucky for us, they are in it for the right reason; for the music!
Led by a very laidback sounding vocalist, you totally recognize the "Hot Chip" signature sound when you hear it. Still, their music is organic and remains exciting every time. Building up their excellent discography with each new release.
Again, they seem to be on the right path with "Flutes"; a 7+ minutes teaser song built on a light house beat, filled with synth layers and featuring a sweet sounding melody. Perfect for spring.
New album 'In Our Heads" out on Domino June 11th 2012.

March 17, 2012

SALEM. Some serious Witchcraft!

Creepy like the blackest night. Dramatic and enigmatic like a David Lynch movie. Trippy like a religious dancing celebration on acid!
I think you get the idea...
Ok go, press play!!!!!!!!!

March 16, 2012

New MIIKE SNOW out on monday!

Miike Snow's sophomore album titled "Happy to you" is coming out this coming monday, March 19th...and based on their first album (amazing!) and what I've heard of this one so far (the full album!!! lol), it is a great piece of work.
Top textured electro indie production, lots of piano, great vocals, mood and songs. And a track featuring Miss Lykke Li!
Loll yes, her again!!!!!!!! I personally think she has a double. ;)

March 14, 2012

GOSSIP makes the world (almost) perfect!

Beth Ditto is back with her crew, preceding the soon release of "A Joyful noise" on May 22nd, produced in part by Mark Ronson and Xenomania (?! this man's past productions includes Kylie and Danii Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, Sugababes and Bananarama...I'm very scared!!! Why Beth why?!).
I guess it's no surprise that the first single sounds very 80s rock to me. I don't loooove the arrangements, but the songwriting is "classic Gossip excellence", so it's nonetheless an exciting return.
No big misstep so far (relief).
Beth's vocals do sound incredible as usual and it totally makes up for some of the "ok" arrangements. The song is growing on me already...So yes, our very full-figured punk goddess is back and in perfect form!
For now, that is perfect.
Fingers crossed.

A JOYFUL NOISE, track listing:
Melody Emergency
Perfect World
Get A Job
Move In The Right Direction
Casualties Of War
Into The Wild
Get Lost
I Won’t Play
Love In A Foreign Place

LANA DEL REY. Blue Jeans remixes

In my opinion, this is the best alternate version of this song. It gives the songstress a very cool & modern 80's vibe, matching her Stevie Nicks tone perfectly.

Two artists that I respect but would have never expected to collaborate together...interesting result.

March 12, 2012

FLORENCE & THE MACHINE. "Ceremonial" acoustic...

That is how I love my Florence!!! The overproduced original versions of these great songs don't give them the credit they deserve...
I definetly have to catch her live again. And if we're lucky, on the next album all effects and tricks will be replaced by the immensity of her raw talent.

March 10, 2012

KAP BAMBINO. Rising hard

It's late and I'm tired...but look them up!!!!! lol
THAT IS what electro-punk-grunge sounds like today...

March 08, 2012

BEACH HOUSE. New album "Bloom" out on May 15th!

Beach House's new song titled "Myth" sounds like it could have been featured on their last album "Teen Dream". That said, It's definetly not a bad thing; that album was excellent (get it, while you wait for May 15th)!!! This new track is slightly more "upbeat", but still extremely moody and dreamy.
And mysterious frontwoman Victoria Legrand delivers again; bewitching us with her androgynous & unique vocal signature. I could listen to her all day...

Beach House –
 (May 15th)
1. Myth

2. Wild

3. Lazuli

4. Other People

5. The Hours

6. Troublemaker

7. New Year
8. Wishes

9. On the Sea


For my LYKKE LI fans

Another great collaboration...
Me liking liking Lykke Li!

March 04, 2012


GHOSTORY is the 3rd release from Brooklyn based "SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS". This album reminds a lot of Cocteau Twins and Elizabeth Fraser's incredible etherial vocal style.
I highly suggest you get the full album (available on Itunes) as it is a nice soundtrack to completly steep yourself into. Very moody and easy-listening newgoth/showgaze/indie...
Fans of Ladytron should appreciate as well.

February 29, 2012


Loving this dark moody remix of Crystal Health.

Check out the cool video for the original version as well...

February 23, 2012

SANTIGOLD is back and biiiiig!!!

OOOoooohhhh...Santigold's return "Master of My Make-Believe" sounds like it will rock!!! So far all songs have an amazing production and a very unique and polished sound; like an electronic jam recorded directly from a lost Jamaïcan jungle!?
YEAH! Just that!!!! lol
Fans of Major Lazer, Karen O, M.I.A., Mad professor and Grace Jones will probably have an orgasm just now. Very strong production as well. Make sure to stand up before pressing play, you might want to jump around!
P.s.: She's great live too...if you can catch her in your city, do!

January 30, 2012


1. FEIST. Metals
A little depression and a big broken heart seem to have inspired Feist's best work this year! Very textured, poetic and intimate, I keep playing this album over and over. Although I do appreciate some of her past work, I wasn't a big fan of Feist prior to "Metals". Well, now I am. Here is her sad rendition of "Bittersweet melodies".
Highlights: "The bad in each other", "Gravyard", "Caught a long wind", "Bittersweet melodies", "Comfort me"...and all the other songs in between. lol

2. RAVEONETTES. Raven in the grave
Very moody, atmospheric, minimal yet intense in emotions and distortion. The music speaks for itself! If you like this album, make sure to look into the band's excellent discography as well.
Highlights: "Recharge & revolt", "War in heaven", "Apparitions" and "Evil seeds".

3. RADIOHEAD. Kind of limbs
Well, I must admit that I am, like many, a very big fan of Radiohead. As usual, this album is quite trippy & very contemporary; full of tricky layers of syncopaded beats, piano and backvocals. For some, it might take a few listening sessions to appreciate the full quality of this album.
It is most impressive to see the band deliver these intricate songs live...!!!
Highlights: "Bloom", "Lotus flower", "Codex" and "Give up the ghost".

4. LYKKE LI. Wounded Rhymes
I'm gonna let Lykke Li talk about her great album herself...on the link below. ;-)
Highlights: "I follow rivers", "Get some", "Rich kids blues" and "Sadness is a blessing"

5. SCRATCH MASSIVE. Nuit de rêve
Think Vive la fête vs Bronski Beat with a darker atmospheric edge. Everyone can notice the strong 80s influence of this electronic DJ duo from Paris, particularly on this album. This is their first coherent album in my point of view. Their sound is more polished and contained in comparison to their more experimental past work.
Highlights: "Pleine lune", "Take me there (feat. Jimmy Somerville)" and "Nuit de mes rêves"

January 15, 2012

LANA DEL REY. Sensual muse for the sad souls

I'm presently working on my own live interpretation of Lara's upcoming album opening song "Born to die". The full-lenght will be released on Jan.31st and features her (already) classic tracks "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans" (worth looking these songs up if you never heard of the american chanteuse before).
My curiosity about her has led me to find an album she released in 2008 before pulling it out of the shelves recently. Most of the album doesn't at all compare to the quality of her music today, except for a few little treasures; like "Yayo", a sexy love song which reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.