April 30, 2012

Eargasmic discovery: BOMB THE BASS remixed by GUI BORATTO

When Gui Boratto delivers a good remix (most of the times), it is sooo incredible in mood and production that I simply forget the original version.
And when you add to that the rough yet sultry and sensitive vocals of mister Mark Lanegan (the best voice really!), you know right away that this will be playing in your ears for the next few months!
Instant Frigid love right here...

April 28, 2012


Soooooooo good!!!!! :-P


Not much time these days sorry. But look into this excellent band when you have a chance! Loving the remix too. The excellent album "I love you, it's cool" is out already...

April 22, 2012

Mon projet FRIGID maintenant JOFFREY DUMAS...

For those of you living outside Canada...Quebec's students have been on strike over the raise of tuitions for almost 10 weeks now. It has inspired new lyrics in french that have replaced what I had originally written for my new song "Eye-Catcher". I might release the english version as well...who knows. But right now, here is "CRI D'UN COEUR TERRIEN" on this earth day.

Message à mes amis Québécois!
Pour ou contre la hausse des frais de scolarité, il est inacceptable que notre gouvernement impose la violence sur nos étudiants et professeurs de la sorte; ces derniers agissants en grande majorité de façon pacifique lors de leurs manifestations!
Il faut dénoncer cette dictature, le gouvernement n'est clairement plus au service du peuple Québecois, ni Canadien.
J'ai retravaillé une chanson en français (originalement composée en anglais) dû les évènements des derniers jours...je vous invite à la partager sur les médias sociaux.

April 12, 2012

CROCODILES are about to rock your summer

Very indie cool Crocodiles are back! A little more polished this time it seems after listening to the new album "infomercial" and first single "Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)". They've been compared to cult classic bands Jesus & The Mary Chains, Suicide and The Raveonettes!!!
Yes, they are pretty awesome. Definetly, the type of band I'd love to open for!

Personally, I would have went for a less campy approach then the not-so-funny "infomercial" to promote the upcoming album considering their dark fuzzy underground style. Still, I'm definetly intrigued by the upcoming song titles!
"Endless Flowers" out on June 4th.

One of my favorite song taken from previous release "Sleep Forever"...

April 10, 2012

A talented YOUNG MAN's fate

Colin Caulfield's haunting vocals slide over his rythmic guitar before taking us down for a dramatic ending in new intricate song "Fate". His Chicago-based one man project is called Young Man.
With already 3 EPs out on Itunes and this brand new exciting single, many are expecting a great first full-lenght for Young Man on May 22nd. The awaited release will be titled VOL.1.
Some similar excellent acts to look into: Beach House, Patrick Wolf, Wild Nothing and Lower Dens.    

April 09, 2012

MAGIC WANDS are burning up for Madonna

While Madonna is busy copying herself and her wannabes, Magic Wands delivers an excellent version of "Burning up"...and its a free download too. Burn it up!

April 03, 2012

New LADYHAWKE rrrocks!

Thanks to my good friend, I've been listening to Ladyhawke's upcoming album "Anxiety" for a week already. Being a sucker for her self-titled debut, I was anticipating her upcoming release until I heard the first single "Black, white & blue" which came out a few weeks ago. Let's say it is far from being one of my favorite song of hers (that is why it took me sooo long to share it with you here). It's not bad at all but I find it kind of "light". I also think that the video doesn't help the song...so, I'll let you look for it. lol
Now, I am happily surprised with the rest of the album! Wish I could already post much hotter & grittier numbers like "The quick & the dead", "Gone, gone, gone", "Sunday drive", "Cellophane", "Anxiety" and "Vaccine" on here!!! :-P
The record surfs on a happy & fun summer rock vibe. It is the perfect addition to your Joan Jett vs Bowie vs Garbage vs The Kills playlist. That's very good!!! Yeah!
My only critic would be that the overuse of distortion and catchy hooks can make the album a bit saturated when you listen it from beginning to end. But really, nowadays, who cares about that!
Out on May 25th.

Oh good, you'll see exactly what I mean...just found these two "album teasers" which features some excellent tracks...

Now with that in mind, you will probably enjoy the song "Black, white & blue" much more than I did when I first heard it. ;)

April 02, 2012

My beautiful SINEAD is still bold like a lion!

One of the most beautiful voice I've heard in my life is back! Sinead O'Connor just released her critically acclaimed 9th album "How about I be me (and you be you)?" in late February 2012.
Not only the woman can still sing her heart out, she speaks her mind through her songs like rare artists do these days.
Although the album sounds in parts a bit too "adult contemporary" for me to scream "genius!!!", it contains some excellent reminders of why I fell in love with Sinead in the first place; "Reason with me" is stunning in a soft-spoken, sensitive and touching way while her John Grant's cover of "Queen of Danemark" is strong, bold and enraged. "Take off your shoes" features Sinead's full emotionnal range and brilliance while the excellent closing number, "V.I.P.", is a blunt critic of our fame-hungry society and it's superficial values.
Oh...and after listening to the album a few times, I'm really enjoying "Back where you belong" for its modern Patsy Cline quality. Beautiful song and definetly one of my new favorites as well.

Now for all of you still unfamiliar with her earlier repertoire, make sure to look into her first 4 albums as well as her collaboration with Massive Attack on their album "100th window". Classics!

"Wasn't it in history 
The artists always spoke their people's needs 
Now we're gorged upon what devils feed 
In the shallow form of MTV 
Telling the youth to worship futile dreams 
And along for bling and for material things..."
Taken from the song "V.I.P."