February 29, 2012


Loving this dark moody remix of Crystal Castles...by Health.

Check out the cool video for the original version as well...

February 23, 2012

SANTIGOLD is back and biiiiig!!!

OOOoooohhhh...Santigold's return "Master of My Make-Believe" sounds like it will rock!!! So far all songs have an amazing production and a very unique and polished sound; like an electronic jam recorded directly from a lost Jamaïcan jungle!?
YEAH! Just that!!!! lol
Fans of Major Lazer, Karen O, M.I.A., Mad professor and Grace Jones will probably have an orgasm just now. Very strong production as well. Make sure to stand up before pressing play, you might want to jump around!
P.s.: She's great live too...if you can catch her in your city, do!