January 30, 2012


1. FEIST. Metals
A little depression and a big broken heart seem to have inspired Feist's best work this year! Very textured, poetic and intimate, I keep playing this album over and over. Although I do appreciate some of her past work, I wasn't a big fan of Feist prior to "Metals". Well, now I am. Here is her sad rendition of "Bittersweet melodies".
Highlights: "The bad in each other", "Gravyard", "Caught a long wind", "Bittersweet melodies", "Comfort me"...and all the other songs in between. lol

2. RAVEONETTES. Raven in the grave
Very moody, atmospheric, minimal yet intense in emotions and distortion. The music speaks for itself! If you like this album, make sure to look into the band's excellent discography as well.
Highlights: "Recharge & revolt", "War in heaven", "Apparitions" and "Evil seeds".

3. RADIOHEAD. Kind of limbs
Well, I must admit that I am, like many, a very big fan of Radiohead. As usual, this album is quite trippy & very contemporary; full of tricky layers of syncopaded beats, piano and backvocals. For some, it might take a few listening sessions to appreciate the full quality of this album.
It is most impressive to see the band deliver these intricate songs live...!!!
Highlights: "Bloom", "Lotus flower", "Codex" and "Give up the ghost".

4. LYKKE LI. Wounded Rhymes
I'm gonna let Lykke Li talk about her great album herself...on the link below. ;-)
Highlights: "I follow rivers", "Get some", "Rich kids blues" and "Sadness is a blessing"

5. SCRATCH MASSIVE. Nuit de rêve
Think Vive la fête vs Bronski Beat with a darker atmospheric edge. Everyone can notice the strong 80s influence of this electronic DJ duo from Paris, particularly on this album. This is their first coherent album in my point of view. Their sound is more polished and contained in comparison to their more experimental past work.
Highlights: "Pleine lune", "Take me there (feat. Jimmy Somerville)" and "Nuit de mes rêves"

January 15, 2012

LANA DEL REY. Sensual muse for the sad souls

I'm presently working on my own live interpretation of Lara's upcoming album opening song "Born to die". The full-lenght will be released on Jan.31st and features her (already) classic tracks "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans" (worth looking these songs up if you never heard of the american chanteuse before).
My curiosity about her has led me to find an album she released in 2008 before pulling it out of the shelves recently. Most of the album doesn't at all compare to the quality of her music today, except for a few little treasures; like "Yayo", a sexy love song which reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.