July 26, 2010

BECK. Time bomb

Well, if you don't know BECK by now, you probably need to go back to your music history class 101! This sexy man not only writes great songs but he also produces other artists very very well. 
I just found out about this explosive track ( released in 2007 ) while I was surfing the net yesterday...WATATOW! Bang, paf, boooom!!!

BECK. Time bomb

July 25, 2010

I BLAME COCO....Sting and Robyn, I blame them too!

Ok...the first time I heard this song I kind of liked it...but then I thought it was a bit too "pop" for my DJ sets. 
Now, Fuck it!!! It's a great track + extra bonus points too 'cause I was sure it was a boy singing with Robyn before I saw the video! Hot angrogynous thing going on here Coco ( daughter of Sting by the way! ). I like, I like. 
I'm keeping an eye open for her...maybe you should too.

I BLAME COCO Feat. Robyn. Ceasar

July 23, 2010

AUTOMELODI. Schema Corporel

Fidèle a lui-même et toujours aussi étrangement poétique ce Xavier Paradis, ex-membre d'Echo Kitty et maintenant a la tête du trio AUTOMELODI. Après de long mois d'attente, le premier album sort finalement ce mois-ci sur l'étiquette New-Yorkais "WIERD RECORDS", ville où l'album a été enregistré. Mettez vos petits souliers pointus et allumez le strob!!!

AUTOMELODI. Schema corporel

July 12, 2010

MONARCHY for some groovy 80s synth!

A fun discovery these days, the London duo MONARCHY. I only heard these two tracks and haven't got a chance to look more into it yet...but worth a little post already. Great sound and visual!

MONARCHY. The Phoenix Alive
MONARCHY. Love get out of my way

MONARCHY. Love get out of my way

FOALS Beautiful 2nd album!

I have been listening to "Total Life Forever", FOALS 2nd album, in a loop this week. I love the whole flow of the songs. Beautifully haunting build ups, melodies, and sweet heartfelt vocals. 
This track here gives you a great preview of what to expect...
MONTREAL: Live @ Sala Rossa on Tuesday September 28th! :-P

FOALS. Spanish Sahara

DAX RIGGS: voice of a rock n'roll god!

Soulful, sexy, dreamy, powerful, textured, raw, hypnotizing, loud, soft, magic!

DAX RIGGS. Under moonlight