September 13, 2010


Sorry guys. I'm in a huge rush this month with tons of DJ bookings + my 10th year anniversary of DJing to organize = C.R.A.Z.Y.!!!!! Not a lot of time for blogging.
But I'm coming here quickly to post a few of my new discoveries that are playing in a loop in my loft these days...many great new bands and songs. Some older stuff too.

Enjoy and do a bit of research on the bands you like. ;-)

SMALL BLACK. Despicable dogs


INDIAN JEWELRY. Excessive moonlight

GORILLAZ. Empire ants

Q LAZZARUS. Goodbye horses

UNKLE. Follow me down ( Golden Filter Remix )


August 11, 2010

ARCADE FIRE's excellence!!!

As much as I love all ARCADE FIRE's album ( the new album "The Suburbs" is incredible as always...get it = BUY IT!!! ), the songs really take all their glorious expansion live! 
The recent live broadcast on YOUTUBE & VEVO was truly a moment in music history = ARCADE FIRE is THE band of our time; very contemporary lyrics floating on uplifting melodies and an undeniable passion in their delivery. They just can do no wrong and they just proved it one more time.

ARCADE FIRE "We use to wait"

DANCING PIGEONS...I'm turning into one myself!

OOOOOHHHH...Brand new band to look into here!!! First album still in the making. Keep your eyes and ears open this fall.
...And on which dancefloor can you hear music this good?!
B-E-A-T-B-O-X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHH!


INTERPOL is back!

INTERPOL is back with a 4th album this September 7th. The track "Lights" was released on the band's website earlier this summer and it is great. Unfortunately, a few days ago I heard the first official single " Barricade"  taken from the self-titled upcoming release and it kinda sucks. Definetly, nothing compared to any songs taken from their first album "Turn on the bright lights" which is A MUST for every lover of alternative music! True classic, and it stands the test of time.

Saw them live this week, and their set included lots of excellent songs taken from their first it was great although they really don't move a lot. The excellence of the music made it a great night nonetheless. Paul Banks vocals we're impeccable, technically and emotionnally.
But none of the new songs seemed really good apart from "Lights". No melody stuck with me...

INTERPOL. "Lights"

July 26, 2010

BECK. Time bomb

Well, if you don't know BECK by now, you probably need to go back to your music history class 101! This sexy man not only writes great songs but he also produces other artists very very well. 
I just found out about this explosive track ( released in 2007 ) while I was surfing the net yesterday...WATATOW! Bang, paf, boooom!!!

BECK. Time bomb

July 25, 2010

I BLAME COCO....Sting and Robyn, I blame them too!

Ok...the first time I heard this song I kind of liked it...but then I thought it was a bit too "pop" for my DJ sets. 
Now, Fuck it!!! It's a great track + extra bonus points too 'cause I was sure it was a boy singing with Robyn before I saw the video! Hot angrogynous thing going on here Coco ( daughter of Sting by the way! ). I like, I like. 
I'm keeping an eye open for her...maybe you should too.

I BLAME COCO Feat. Robyn. Ceasar

July 23, 2010

AUTOMELODI. Schema Corporel

Fidèle a lui-même et toujours aussi étrangement poétique ce Xavier Paradis, ex-membre d'Echo Kitty et maintenant a la tête du trio AUTOMELODI. Après de long mois d'attente, le premier album sort finalement ce mois-ci sur l'étiquette New-Yorkais "WIERD RECORDS", ville où l'album a été enregistré. Mettez vos petits souliers pointus et allumez le strob!!!

AUTOMELODI. Schema corporel

July 12, 2010

MONARCHY for some groovy 80s synth!

A fun discovery these days, the London duo MONARCHY. I only heard these two tracks and haven't got a chance to look more into it yet...but worth a little post already. Great sound and visual!

MONARCHY. The Phoenix Alive
MONARCHY. Love get out of my way

MONARCHY. Love get out of my way

FOALS Beautiful 2nd album!

I have been listening to "Total Life Forever", FOALS 2nd album, in a loop this week. I love the whole flow of the songs. Beautifully haunting build ups, melodies, and sweet heartfelt vocals. 
This track here gives you a great preview of what to expect...
MONTREAL: Live @ Sala Rossa on Tuesday September 28th! :-P

FOALS. Spanish Sahara

DAX RIGGS: voice of a rock n'roll god!

Soulful, sexy, dreamy, powerful, textured, raw, hypnotizing, loud, soft, magic!

DAX RIGGS. Under moonlight

June 29, 2010

TRENTEMOLLER goes rockabilly!

The only upbeat track on TRENTEMOLLER moody new release "Into the great wide yonder" is an awesome rockabilly roller-coaster ride!!! Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna shake you good! ;-)
The album is an atmospheric film noir soundtrack filled with drunked guitars and melancholic textures. Perfect for any warm & rainy summer night!

TRENTEMOLLER. Silver surfer, ghost rider go!!!

June 18, 2010

UNKLE again = WOW WOW WOW!!!

Not only UNKLE had to come out with the best album of 2010 so far, they also had to create the most incredibly sensual and esthetic video EVER. Watch it full screen. I'm FREAKIN' OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

UNKLE. Follow me down

UNKLE - Follow Me Down (feat. Sleepy Sun) from UNKLE on Vimeo.

June 10, 2010


Wow. Can't wait for the full album to be released on August 3rd....this track is AWESOME! 
They are back and rocking more than ever!!! True fan of all their work.

ARCADE FIRE "Month of May"

June 06, 2010


While waiting for some new excellent music by MIIKE SNOW, you can now enjoy this great new single "The rabbit" taken from the deluxe edition of their first album ( available on Itunes ), tweaked by the disco-fied big ears of STUART PRICE.

MIIKE SNOW. The Rabbit ( Stuart Price remix )

May 26, 2010

2 great instrumental PARTY ANTHEM!!!

These great instrumental tracks put me in a celebration mood...which is totally the mood I'm in this week with the BEATBOX night starting again @ BELMONT on Friday, so here you go!!! :-P
Pump up the volume!!!

SHOUT OUT OUT OUT OUT. Chicken soup for the fuck you

CHICKEN SOUP for the FUCK YOU from Vuk Dragojevic on Vimeo.

METRONOMY. You could easily have me

May 19, 2010

UNKLE's new album: 8.5/10!!!

Always been a great band, but I love the new direction they are taking!
And this is my favorite song from "Where did the night fall". 
Best album of 2010 so far for me. 
A must for your ears!

UNKLE. On a wire featuring Elle J.


KELE, the lead singer of famous indie-pop BLOC PARTY, is now all muscled-up and coming out with his solo album on June 21st! Two songs have been leaked online already and it sounds like the man is taking a more electro approach...great work so far!!!

Montreal: catch KELE LIVE at OSHEAGA this summer on July 31st. Same day as METRIC and ARCADE FIRE! OH YEAH!!!! I'm there for sure. 

KELE. Tenderoni

OÙ EST LE SWIMMING POOL. Dance the way I feel

This new little hipster trio from London will be launching their first album on June 30th. Fans of MGMT's classic electro-pop ( "Kids", "Time to pretend" ) will probably love this first single which was released last September. I know I do!
A second track called "These new knights" just came out in April...unfortunately it doesn't come close to the hook, freshness and energy of "Dance the way I feel". 
.....One hit wonders? 
We will find out soon enough when their first album comes out next month!

OÙ EST LE SWIMMING POOL. "Dance the way I feel"

SOHO DOLLS. Trash the rental ( Crystal Castles remix )

No, it's not a new remix by Crystal Castles, it actually came out in 2008 ( I think ). 
But as all of their music sounds always exactly the same...does it matter really? LOL.

Great track nonetheless. To be heard on the BEATBOX dancefloor next week.
Can't wait!!!

SOHO DOLLS. Trash the rental ( Crystal Castles remix )

May 10, 2010

ASCII DISKO's new album: "Stay gold, forever gold"

I use to get a huge kick out of Ascii disko's German-influenced techno rock! And of course, that's why he was selected by us to be one of the great remixers featured on our album "Remix sessions".
Yet, the past 2 years he's been taken a more "minimalistic, softer and repetitive" approach, which got a lot of the fans I know pretty disappointed. On the new album, he's back to something harder and driven....yet, still more repetitive than his early work. I'd say, it's ok. But will not be featured in my DJ sets.
The whole album is instrumental except for the last track ( mellow and moody )...not bad, but nothing great in comparison to his earlier work.

This first video release is pretty moody and nice though!
Very Ascii disko.

ASCII DISKO. Jawbreaker

MATT & KIM "Lessons learned" video: OUCH!

Fun song and even funnier video! I like, I like!!!

MATT & KIM. Lessons learned

April 27, 2010

M.I.A.: back with a BANG!!!!!!!

Never been a huge fan of M.I.A., although I respect her work and can enjoy some songs. This new release is probably my favorite track of hers to date ( the sample of SUICIDE's "Ghost rider" definetly helps! ). And the video is a very contemporary short movie vs wake-up call. Everyone is talking about it!
...Can you handle it?

M.I.A. "Born free"

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

SUICIDE "Ghost rider"

WE ARE THE WORLD: "Clay Stones"!

Got a remix version of that track about a month ago. It was ok, I liked the vocals but the beat was some kind of random tribal house. Stupid me, I didn't look for the original version then. 
Today I hear about this band again ( which sounds familiar ) and it is getting excellent reviews.
I check them out on youtube and...OUCH!!! 
We definetly got a Beatbox Anthem right here.


HOLE's 3rd album "NOBODY'S DAUGHTER" is out!

First, I invite you to download an high-res version of my remix of "How dirty girls get clean", if you haven't done so already, RIGHT HERE for free!

After injecting her face for a few years now like all of our favorite stars ( !!! )...Courtney Love is finally injecting new songs into her repertoire again with the recording support of Billy Corgan and Linda Perry, for the great pleasure of her very patient fans!!!
We've been hearing demos and false release dates since Feb.'07 for this one. This time, it's for real and we love her no matter what! 
...Hopefully one day, she'll learn to love herself a little bit more too. 
Favorites tracks:
★ "Letter to god" ( ...kind of Courtney's life anthem! Very generous of her. )
★ "Someone else's bed"
★ "Skinny little bitch"
★ "Pacific coast highway"

HOLE "Skinny little bitch"

April 19, 2010


A few small mysterious videos have been uploaded on the youtube channel of IAMAMIWHOAMI. The singer is clearly JONNA LEE, but is this still her solo project or a collaboration of some kind?'s all very unclear. Finally a full song has been released = one of the best song/video I have seen this year!!!
You must take a few minutes to watch this clip ( full screen baby! Come on ).
Simply magnificent!


April 13, 2010

New SCISSOR SISTERS album sounds promising!!!

Just today, SCISSOR SISTERS have posted a new excellent song titled "Invisible light" on their website. This "electro-driven disco summer dream" is actually the closing track of their upcoming album "Night work", coming out on June 28th.
If they can afford to keep such a hot number for last, I have a feeling that many other excellent songs should be featured on this new release. With Stuart Price as the album's producer ( his CV including Zoot woman's first 2 albums, Madonna's "Confessions on a dancefloor", Kylie Minogue, The Killers, etc. ), this will probably be their best work to date!
The full tracklisting of the album is as follows:
1. Night Work
2. Whole New Way
3. Fire With Fire
4. Any Which Way
5. Harder You Get
6. Running Out
7. Something Like This
8. Skin This Cat
9. Skin Tight
10. Sex and Violence
11. Night Life
12. Invisible Light

SCISSOR SISTERS "Invisible light"

MGMT: "Congratulations" out today + new video!!!

BIG NEWS!!! You can listen to MGMT's full new album "Congratulations" on their myspace page:
Now, don't skip through the first 20 seconds of each songs searching for the "hot singles", 'cause you won't find them that way. This psychedelic album is one you should listen to entirely, if you really want to enjoy it. 'Cause yes, IT IS good and definetly enjoyable!

MGMT "Flash Delirium" official video

April 10, 2010

HOT CHIP's pop critic!

The brilliant new video "I feel better" by HOT CHIP shows a cheesy boy band being destroyed in front of their screaming fans ( mostly girrrls ) on stage! The judgment day of the pop industry is upon us....finally! Thank you HOT CHIP!!! lol
Look out for the excellent remixes by Richard X, Ill Blue, Den Haan, and Letter G & Harky.
Original version taken from their latest album "One life stand".

HOT CHIP "I feel better"

THE DEAD WEATHER: Watch new video now!

Floria Sigismondi, responsible director for the "Antichrist superstar" era of MARILYN MANSON and for the new movie "THE RUNAWAYS" about Joan Jett and her crew, has produced this video for THE DEAD WEATHER's new single.
"Die by the drop" is the first single taken from the band's 2nd album "Sea of cowards", out on May 11. SPOOOOKY!!!

THE DEAD WEATHER "Die by the drop"

April 05, 2010

SCANNERS: New album "Submarine" out now!

Hot new discovery for me, London-based SCANNERS have been rocking their indie heartfelt songs for a while now. It's hard to believe no one ever mentionned this addictive band to me!!! Wow.
Maybe they need a bit of promotion. So let's give them a good slap in the back! ...Spread them around too. ;-)

I'm posting 2 great songs here; their new single "Salvation", and "Low Life" taken from their 2006 release "Silence is golden".

- Download the "Don Diablo remix" of Salvation here:

SCANNERS "Salvation"

SCANNERS "Low life"

I love TRENTEMOLLER! New video and single.

I'm sure most of you have heard about TRENTEMOLLER already; the moody dark and organic electronic-rock god! This new song is an excellent example of his incredible talent, once again.
Before pressing play, sit down, grab a glass and dim the lights...

- New album "The Great Wide Yonder" out on June 7th ( patience my friends ).
- This song + remixes are already available on Itunes...if that can be of a consolation.

TRENTEMOLLER "Sycamore feeling"

March 31, 2010

THE ETTES: Not new...but oh so cool!!!

Psychedelic garage rock with a girlie vocal twist!!! Need I say more?!
It rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic band for sexy rockers. Look them up and get hooked!

THE ETTES "I get mine"

THE ETTES "Marathon ( Live )"

March 24, 2010

MAJOR LAZER "Pon de floor"

I'm not into this type of music usually ( "electro-reggeaton" anyone?! ) but this track is definetly one of the rare exceptions. And the video is just soooo crazy!!!!!! I think it will definetly get you smiling...or bouncing naked with a neon on your head!

MAJOR LAZER "Pon de floor"

March 23, 2010

CARIBOU "Odessa"

Canadian "CARIBOU" is back with "Odessa"...his organic electro groove and laid-back vocals tell me that the man is a fan of "HOT CHIP". Nice one!
- Download the song "Odessa" here:
- New album "Swim" out on April 20th!!!
- Montreal show = May 5th @ LA TULIPE

CARIBOU "Odessa"

March 22, 2010


A song from one of my TOP10 favorite albums of all time was played live for SPIN recently.
Originally sung as a duet with PJ HARVEY, "Eyepennies" is so sad and pretty; I can never get tired of it. If you are not familiar with SPARKLEHORSE, this is a good introduction to his melancholic melodies and black hearted hooks. Enjoy!!!

SPARKLEHORSE "Eyepennies - Live"

March 18, 2010

SIGUR ROS's frontman solo album!

JONSI ( from Sigur Ros ) is coming out with a solo album titled "GO" on April 5th...
A very melodic and beautiful chaos! Unique.
Montreal = live @ Metropolis on May 2nd.

JONSI "Go do"

Jónsi - Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.

JONSI "Boy lilikoy"

March 09, 2010


Fans of "old-school early 80s dark wave" might just faint right now...and those not that familiar with this genre or thrilled by the more obscur side of music will probably enjoy it too!
Nice driven beat, hysterical synths and raw vocals in the style of Faris Badwan, frontman for "The Horrors"! Turn it up real loud and scare your boring neighbors now!!! Haha.


March 07, 2010

GROOVE ARMADA making their best music to date!

Groove Armada is a name I've heard often, but usually didn't really gave them much of a listen 'cause everytime it was like this: "ah...this is good....aaah no, cheesy electro pop...ok now we get the rap that ruins the song I thought was great so far".
Maybe now I would go back to their older songs and would discover some hidden treasures I walked over back then?...and maybe not.
All I can tell you this week is that their new album "Black light" ( out now ) is definetly worth listening too. I hear influences like New Order, Grace Jones & MGMT...very nice for electro pop!
Here is the first single "Paper romance" and one of my favorite tracks on the album "Look me in the eyes sister".

GROOVE ARMADA "Paper romance"

GROOVE ARMADA "Look me in the eyes sister"

February 24, 2010

CROOKERS: hot new electro!

One of the beauty of sharing my discoveries with that more people are starting to share more hot music with me! YEAH!!! lol
So here we have Crookers, which I've been playing @ my LIPSTICK night for 3-4 weeks now ( the track "We love animals" feat. Soulwax & Mixhell )...but "Transilvania" ( grrrreat title ) is also a hot catch...very electroclash, just like a classic Linda Lamb song.
Album "Tons of friends" out on March 8th.

CROOKERS feat. STEED LORD "Transilvania"

CROOKERS feat. SOULWAX & MIXHELL "We love animals"


I discovered The Black Angels in the fall of 2009 and got their 2 albums at the show ( with night! ).
Now, their collaboration with Unkle is just perfect. Surprisingly, it sounds like a Joy Division song to me...who would have expected that!?
Beautiful, dark & haunting.

UNKLE "Where did the night fall" release date: May 11th ( well, I guess we'll have to abuse of this track for a little while... ). Hot artwork too!!!

UNKLE "Natural selection"

February 22, 2010

THE STILLS: a lost song that I love!

Listening to THE STILLS first album...and I really love this track "Love & death", but never heard it on a dancefloor or anywhere actually.
Although the video doesn't really give it justice = grrrreat song!!!!!

THE STILLS - Love & death

February 20, 2010


We have a really great new band right here. Thanks to my sexy friend who likes good music!
This is my discovery of 2010 so far...OH YEAH!!! Two excellent singles. Can't wait to hear more.
First album out on Kitsune: March 1st!



February 19, 2010

FLORENCE & THE MACHINE wins Best Album at the BRITS!

"LUNGS", my personal favorite release of 2009 ( #3 in my "Best albums of all time" myself the "special edition box-set"! ), just won the "Best album" @ the Brit Awards!!! YYYEEAAAHHHH!

A friend of mine started a FACEBOOK PAGE ( add yourself!!! ) trying to bring them back LIVE in Montreal this coming April, as they will be touring Toronto and the States...but unfortunately not revisiting us so far.
Saw her last November and...W-O-W!!! Incredible voice and performance! Mind-blooooowing.

Here are two of my favorite LIVE performances online:


BLINDING @ Glastonbury

MGMT's new album details!!!

Good...I have to admit that I've been abusing of MGMT's first album "Oracular Spectacular - ☆☆☆☆" in my DJ sets!!! Not convinced that some of their new tracks will be "dancefloor friendly" enough as they have described this upcoming release as "weird...almost like a soul album". But still, pretty sure it's gonna be something nice to listen to!

Here is the track listing of their 2nd new album "Congratulations" to be released on April 13th:
"It's Working"
"Song for Dan Treacy"
"Someone's Missing"
"Flash Delirium"
"I Found a Whistle"
"Siberian Breaks"
"Brian Eno"
"Lady Dada's Nightmare"

Only 9 songs!?...probably some of them long and experimental, I bet!
Found a live video of the title song for you guys:



New album "The Optimist" out on March 1st and definetly worth a little mention here.
Not a huuuuge fan, but NYPC is a fun light groovy indie/electro band.
And this 1st single is cute and catchy!



...sounds promising!!! Great first single and rarely disapointed with them, I must say. Dirty, driven, hypnotic and oh so sexy pure rock n'roll...and I also love the album's title: "BEAT THE DEVIL'S TATTOO"!
Release date: March 9th 2010.

Never seen them live but won't miss them this time around. I have a feeling it's worth every penny. I highly suggest you catch them in your city!
In Montreal, Friday April 2nd @ La Tulipe.



GOLDFRAPP new single "Rocket"...

...sounds like an emotionless Olivia Newton-John song to me. Disapointing and just way too pop; looks like they are really selling out big time this time!
Not good enough for my blog. Sorry. You'll have to look it up on Youtube, my friends. Haha.

Their last and best release "Seventh tree - ☆☆☆☆1/2" is worth a few attempts if you didn't love it the first time around. But I guess it didn't sell that much copies and they needed to eat badly!
Heard another track "Believer" taken from their upcoming album "Head first" ( couldn't have found a more appropriate title! ) as well, and it is no better at all.

So let's listen to our classic Olivia instead! Yeah!!!