February 14, 2011

NALEPA...or the fresh sound of your lover's acid tears!

Hard to get an hand on this NALEPA character from L.A....the bio I found reads more like a CV than anything. No idea where his talent for melancholic sexy moods really come from. But I assure you, inspired and inspiring his music is! Trippy too.


If you like this...check out this excellent remix on their MYSPACE:
AND THE RADIO PLAYED ON ( Nalepa remix )

February 11, 2011

THE KILLS are not dead yet!

Great new video from THE KILLS just came out 2 days ago for "Satellite"!
The song is slowly growing on me, but I'm not super thrilled about it so far. Still, the level of my expectation was very high after their 2 previous excellent albums "No wow" and "Midnight Boom"...which are a "must" in every sexy indie rocker's collection!
Can't wait to hear the full album "Blood pressures" out this April 5th. I do looove the excerpt of the new song in the album teaser though!!! :-P

THE KILLS. "Blood pressures" Album Teaser

THE KILLS. "Satellite"