January 26, 2011

LYKKE LI: The dark and artsy lounge goddess is back!

Most of you have heard about Lykke Li and her excellent expanding repertoire. Already three new songs are circulating on the web and all of them are brilliant! Darker, more tribal, raw yet still very melodic. 
These links should have you join us in anticipation of her 2nd album "Wounded Rhymes" out on March 1st. She's quite something!
Got my ticket to see her live in Montreal on May 21st!!! Excited. 

LYKKE LI. "Untitled"

LYKKE LI. "I follow rivers"

LYKKE LI. "Get some"

120 DAYS and their new indie-disco-ride!

Four years after their last release, 120 DAYS is finally back...it seems. No news on their myspace or even official website about a new album on its way, although I've read that half of their new album is ready ( kind of like us! ). But the big news is that a new song has hit ITUNES this week, the instrumental 10-minute indie-disco-trippy ride of "Dale Disco".
I discovered this fantastic band from Norway only last year, although they have been around for a decade already! Most of their music still sounds great today, it's worth looking into it. Mostly because their frontman has a really great voice as well...
Also listen to songs: "Sleepwalking", "Come out, come down, Fade out, Be gone" and "Get away".

120 DAYS. "Dale Disco"
Dale Disco - 120 Days by Up Front Artists

January 24, 2011

Congratulations MGMT!

You might have seen this video from MGMT as it's been out there for a while now. For myself, I just fell on it today. For some, it might be a pretty ridiculous few minutes, but I find it rather touching and I LOVED the ending. That dried up creature was so adorable too...héhé.
Death is a subject that fascinates me! I've written a song about it on our upcoming album. And although I do believe that what comes after it must be pretty amazing...most of the time, the "transition to it" is scary. 
Cute video in metaphore to this!

MGMT. Congratulations

January 16, 2011

Music made in dreams: TAMARYN

I don't know if it is age or just a saturation from all that empty-soul electro that is blasting everywhere ( can pop music go any lower musically then the new Black Eyed Peas or Britney Spears?! How awful can music get??! Wow. ) but my ears get the most satisfaction out of music like TAMARYN's first album, which came out last fall.
Very hypnotic and dreamy songs again. Simple and pure with a dark touch...of course. Perfect on this white sunday winter afternoon.

TAMARYN. Love fade

January 06, 2011

TOP 5 ALBUMS of 2010!!!

Ok, I'm back everyone!!! 
Be happy that I'm busy composing, recording and producing our 2nd album...which I want in YOUR Top 5 of 2011! It's a lot of work and I love it. Starting to get back in shape to hit the stage soon as well...WARRRGGHHH!
I promise to come here at least once or twice a month to let you know about my new discoveries, so make sure to visit often.
Ok, let's go!!!

#5 BEACHHOUSE. Teen Dream
Who can't enjoy some very easy-listening, poetic, uplifting indie rock with beautiful androgynous vocals ( I was sure that the lead vocalist was a man...oups )?! Perfect contrast with the hardcore speed of 2010.   
Great album for relaxing at home with friends or taking it slow on a rainy summer afternoon. No songs to skip, very fluid atmosphere. Here is my favorite track taken from the album:

#4 MASSIVE ATTACK. Heligoland
Fantastic yet apocalyptic lyrics over electro minimalistic orchestrations. Violins and keyboards building-up on dark rhythms...very Massive Attack, very 2010!
Great album with a few magnificent highlights such has "Girl, I love you", "Atlas air" and the sexiest song of 2010, "Paradise Circus" ( in its original version and remixed version which I could listen to forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and.... ) :
MASSIVE ATTACK. Paradise Circus ( Gui Boratto remix )

#3 UNKLE. Where did the night fall?
An album filled with incredible vocalists and very haunting songs. Amazing production where analog electronic sounds meet violins and brass. Breathtaking and dramatic at times. These guys are IT!!!
The most underrated, almost unknown, release of 2010 in my point of view. At times "Joy divionesque" and even "Björkish".
UNKLE. "Natural selection"

#2 ARCADE FIRE. The suburbs
Well, well, well. If I need to introduce you to "Arcade Fire", where have you been?! Every album they release is incredible from beginning to end...and the songs shine even more live! As usual on this new release, more heartfelt political and poetic songs delivered with a driven passion.
Breathtaking talent, inspired songwriting, I like to call them the "Radiohead" of this decade.
A must in your collection.
And they are from Montreal = SUPPORT AND BUY!!! :-)
ARCADE FIRE. "Ready to start ( live )"

I fell in love with this band when I heard the first few notes of the song "The witching hour". I downloaded the full album right away, before buying the CD as well a few weeks later .Yep, a little obsessive with this band.
Felt almost like discovering "The Cure" or something. A classic and unique sound. An album filled with reverb and moody melancholy. Very haunting and pretty. I actually downloaded their whole discography. Got every single song and I'm liking it all!!!!!!!
Guess I'm crazy for this band. lol

WILD NOTHING. "Live in dreams"