March 27, 2012

New SIGUR ROS on the way

Frontman's Jónsi Birgisson falsetto vocal style, atmospheric elements of classical music, an unknown mysterious language; Sigur Ros have been creating "out of this world" ethereal music for over a decade already. Their repertoire shows evidence that dramatic music ain't always loud and heavy.
The band is describing their upcoming electronic based full-lenght "Valtari" as the sound of "an avalanche in slow motion" (out on May 28th). For now, we get an atmospheric number with a "black & white 1930's" quality to it; pure mind-blowing beauty as always!
So many interesting artists releasing a new album in May! Start preparing your budget consequently my friends...

March 26, 2012

MOUNT EERIE's monastic & haunting new sound

Washington-based Mount Eerie will be releasing not one but two albums this year. The first, Clear Moon, presents songs about “a quiet life in and around a small northwest town, usually buried in fog, and the unexpected moments of clarity that briefly flash through.” Full album out on May 22nd on his label P.W. Elverum.
The second will come out later this year and has been already titled "Ocean's Roar". Both recorded in an old church recently turned into his homestudio.
It's all very inspiring!...mostly after listening to the excellent "House shape" in a loop this morning.

March 25, 2012

DOT ALLISON's great album remembered

Not many people I know own a copy of Dot's excellent album "We are science" which came out in 2002 (10 years ago already!). Yet, it remains a classic in my electro/indie library. Some tracks like "Strung out" still sound incredible and totally relevant today...look her up if you missed her back then!
Dot Allison - Strung Out on MUZU.TV.

March 21, 2012

March 20, 2012

LOWER DENS delivers an instant classic

Something reminds me slightly of the band "Beach House" here, although "Lower Dens" are clearly under no identity crisis! It must be the atmospheric music and the androgynous sounding (and looking!) frontwoman. That said, the music is way too fantastic to be the pale copy of anything. It stands on its own. I must admit I have only heard this new song "Brains" so far...but oh, it's good!!! Had to share it right away, but I'll definetly look them up and keep an eye open for the upcoming album...
Nootropics will be the second album from Lower Dens and it is produced by Drew Brown [whose engineering credits include Radiohead, Sandro Perri, Beck, and Blonde Redhead] and completed in Baltimore, MD. Release date: May 1st.
For now, listen, watch and surrender! 

Oh...and if you are fast enough, this great song is offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD HERE! :)

March 19, 2012

New HOT CHIP is a trip

By now, "Hot Chip" could have turned into some random "easy listening electro-indie-pop" band easily. Lucky for us, they are in it for the right reason; for the music!
Led by a very laidback sounding vocalist, you totally recognize the "Hot Chip" signature sound when you hear it. Still, their music is organic and remains exciting every time. Building up their excellent discography with each new release.
Again, they seem to be on the right path with "Flutes"; a 7+ minutes teaser song built on a light house beat, filled with synth layers and featuring a sweet sounding melody. Perfect for spring.
New album 'In Our Heads" out on Domino June 11th 2012.

March 17, 2012

SALEM. Some serious Witchcraft!

Creepy like the blackest night. Dramatic and enigmatic like a David Lynch movie. Trippy like a religious dancing celebration on acid!
I think you get the idea...
Ok go, press play!!!!!!!!!

March 16, 2012

New MIIKE SNOW out on monday!

Miike Snow's sophomore album titled "Happy to you" is coming out this coming monday, March 19th...and based on their first album (amazing!) and what I've heard of this one so far (the full album!!! lol), it is a great piece of work.
Top textured electro indie production, lots of piano, great vocals, mood and songs. And a track featuring Miss Lykke Li!
Loll yes, her again!!!!!!!! I personally think she has a double. ;)

March 14, 2012

GOSSIP makes the world (almost) perfect!

Beth Ditto is back with her crew, preceding the soon release of "A Joyful noise" on May 22nd, produced in part by Mark Ronson and Xenomania (?! this man's past productions includes Kylie and Danii Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, Sugababes and Bananarama...I'm very scared!!! Why Beth why?!).
I guess it's no surprise that the first single sounds very 80s rock to me. I don't loooove the arrangements, but the songwriting is "classic Gossip excellence", so it's nonetheless an exciting return.
No big misstep so far (relief).
Beth's vocals do sound incredible as usual and it totally makes up for some of the "ok" arrangements. The song is growing on me already...So yes, our very full-figured punk goddess is back and in perfect form!
For now, that is perfect.
Fingers crossed.

A JOYFUL NOISE, track listing:
Melody Emergency
Perfect World
Get A Job
Move In The Right Direction
Casualties Of War
Into The Wild
Get Lost
I Won’t Play
Love In A Foreign Place

LANA DEL REY. Blue Jeans remixes

In my opinion, this is the best alternate version of this song. It gives the songstress a very cool & modern 80's vibe, matching her Stevie Nicks tone perfectly.

Two artists that I respect but would have never expected to collaborate together...interesting result.

March 12, 2012

FLORENCE & THE MACHINE. "Ceremonial" acoustic...

That is how I love my Florence!!! The overproduced original versions of these great songs don't give them the credit they deserve...
I definetly have to catch her live again. And if we're lucky, on the next album all effects and tricks will be replaced by the immensity of her raw talent.

March 10, 2012

KAP BAMBINO. Rising hard

It's late and I'm tired...but look them up!!!!! lol
THAT IS what electro-punk-grunge sounds like today...

March 08, 2012

BEACH HOUSE. New album "Bloom" out on May 15th!

Beach House's new song titled "Myth" sounds like it could have been featured on their last album "Teen Dream". That said, It's definetly not a bad thing; that album was excellent (get it, while you wait for May 15th)!!! This new track is slightly more "upbeat", but still extremely moody and dreamy.
And mysterious frontwoman Victoria Legrand delivers again; bewitching us with her androgynous & unique vocal signature. I could listen to her all day...

Beach House –
 (May 15th)
1. Myth

2. Wild

3. Lazuli

4. Other People

5. The Hours

6. Troublemaker

7. New Year
8. Wishes

9. On the Sea


For my LYKKE LI fans

Another great collaboration...
Me liking liking Lykke Li!

March 04, 2012


GHOSTORY is the 3rd release from Brooklyn based "SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS". This album reminds a lot of Cocteau Twins and Elizabeth Fraser's incredible etherial vocal style.
I highly suggest you get the full album (available on Itunes) as it is a nice soundtrack to completly steep yourself into. Very moody and easy-listening newgoth/showgaze/indie...
Fans of Ladytron should appreciate as well.