August 11, 2010

ARCADE FIRE's excellence!!!

As much as I love all ARCADE FIRE's album ( the new album "The Suburbs" is incredible as always...get it = BUY IT!!! ), the songs really take all their glorious expansion live! 
The recent live broadcast on YOUTUBE & VEVO was truly a moment in music history = ARCADE FIRE is THE band of our time; very contemporary lyrics floating on uplifting melodies and an undeniable passion in their delivery. They just can do no wrong and they just proved it one more time.

ARCADE FIRE "We use to wait"

DANCING PIGEONS...I'm turning into one myself!

OOOOOHHHH...Brand new band to look into here!!! First album still in the making. Keep your eyes and ears open this fall.
...And on which dancefloor can you hear music this good?!
B-E-A-T-B-O-X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHH!


INTERPOL is back!

INTERPOL is back with a 4th album this September 7th. The track "Lights" was released on the band's website earlier this summer and it is great. Unfortunately, a few days ago I heard the first official single " Barricade"  taken from the self-titled upcoming release and it kinda sucks. Definetly, nothing compared to any songs taken from their first album "Turn on the bright lights" which is A MUST for every lover of alternative music! True classic, and it stands the test of time.

Saw them live this week, and their set included lots of excellent songs taken from their first it was great although they really don't move a lot. The excellence of the music made it a great night nonetheless. Paul Banks vocals we're impeccable, technically and emotionnally.
But none of the new songs seemed really good apart from "Lights". No melody stuck with me...

INTERPOL. "Lights"