May 14, 2012

Remembering the early days of SPLEEN UNITED

Today, I got excited when I found out that Spleen United had released a third album in early 2012...until I heard it!
Many electro-based bands have become too "clubby" and drained of mood and textures as the "hard-electro over-compressed syncopaded" sound took over a few years ago (which really just gives me a headache). Spleen United is a good example of that commercial electro trend; it's no big surprise as their 2nd album was already taking a big step in that direction. Yet, that one was still enjoyable in parts.
Now, what a heard today was...

Ok, let's remember the good stuff instead! The whole first album of this Danish band is excellent from beginning to end; a classic unique electro-rock sound that stands the test of time; as strong as Gary Numan and Ladytron's best work in my point of view.
Here is "Come on figures" taken from "Godspeed into the mainstream (2006)"...a must in every indie-electro lover's library.

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